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Control Your Mind. Train Your Brain.

Wellness is generally considered a physical condition, a state of bodily fitness that is easy for everyone else to measure by defined abs, toned arms and legs and of course a sexy backside. But training the body is only half of the equation when we look at overall wellness. Training the mind is key for balance and complete control of this human vehicle we operate day in and day out.

Through the lens of performance or recovery, success is achieved by a consistent regimen of repeated movements that establish or re-establish the connection between your brain and body. Like walking a path through the forest, every time an action is performed the neurological path in the mind is defined a little more and eventually results in a clear connection between thought and action. No matter the state of your vehicle (body), it will only perform at its highest capability with a clear connection to the driver (mind).

There are numerous implications when approaching a training method for complete wellness:

  • Recognition that the mind is the key implies personal responsibility.

  • Only you can make the decision to act.

  • Only you can make the decision to continue.

  • Decisions and intent are products of consciousness.

  • Physical fitness and wellness are products of correct intent and decisiveness to other words your physical health starts with healthy consciousness.

  • No teacher or trainer will be able to substitute their will for yours.

  • No-one else can or will do the work for you.

  • Others may motivate or inspire you but you alone have to decide to act.

The mind is the fundamental difference between those who recover and those who chronically suffer. The mind is the difference between getting the job done and performing at the highest level. The mind is the difference between finding an excuse and finding a way. In a circumstance when you find an excuse to avoid the challenge at hand, you can be sure the mind needs more training. Do the things that are hardest for you to do. Try and fail miserably. Then try to fail better next time. When your mind is tired or weak it gives you excuses. This tells you immediately it needs to be trained and exercised. If your legs are weak you work them. If your mind is it.

Find the regimen and the tools you need to work your mind and body equally. Be present in each physical action. Pay attention to what you're doing. Seek challenges and conquer them. Adapt. If a scorpion can do it so can you.

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