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The scorpion + side plank.

Challenge is fundamental to both recovery and development.

No matter what level of fitness you currently maintain there is a place for you to challenge yourself safely on the scorpion mat.

Let’s take a look at side plank:

This exercise can be technically complex and deceptively challenging:

  • Feet stacked

  • Supporting hand directly under shoulder with fingers spread

  • Hips lift up creating an arc in the sides

A great way to utilize the scorpion mat while practicing side plank is to use the scorpion's spine to keep your feet, hips and hands in the same plane.

The key to a strong and stable side plank is keeping the torso from twisting and focusing energy on the obliques (muscles to the sides of the “six pack”).


If this version is out of reach today or perhaps you’re recovering from an injury, this exercise is still accessible through two different adjustment choices:

  1. Place one foot just in front of the other (image 2 below) or

  2. Place the knee of your supporting leg in the same line as your supporting hand, then point that foot toward your supporting foot (image 3 below).

These adjustments approximate the final expression (image 1 below) and still use the key muscle groups that help with balance and stability. We then start to build strength in the core without over-exerting the shoulder or twisting the torso.

As you progress, keep using the lines on the mat to stay aligned as you test the limits of your strength and concentration.

Practice often and keep it challenging.


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