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Good Measure

Beyond the obvious physical benefit, a regular training regimen can be a great measure of internal fortitude. When we decide to improve ourselves there is an acceptance of personal responsibility and accountability.

Every day we can choose to move forward, stand still, or slip backwards in to ease. Every day we have to reconcile that choice against what we expect of ourselves and the effort we put forth.

If your choices have you gaining strength, flexibility, and balance in both body and mind...keep going. If your choices have you in the same place you’ve always been, stop waiting and challenge yourself.

Today is the day…just like every other day.

Use a physical practice as a metaphor and guide to becoming a valuable productive human being. Health and wellness, fitness and performance…these are qualities that have value far beyond physical appearance. They allow each individual to give their best to every situation. This continuous best effort creates change on a personal as well as global scale.

Get out there or in there or on there and find your best. Mine it from underneath the layers refusal. Awareness of your physical progress can be a great tool for keeping the fire of personal growth stoked. When you recognize that your physical limits are only restricted by effort, imagination and time spent, you’ll see that the same rules apply to all of your perceived limitations.

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