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The Mat

Why the scorpion mat?

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The trüFORMAT™ scorpion mat is an alignment guide that purposefully assists your body's development. (Patent pending)

The scorpion design consists of horizontal, vertical and 45 degree lines. These lines are used as reference points for foot + hand placement. With easy to see personal reference points, you can improve the consistency of your form.

While you put in the hard work through yoga, martial arts, physical therapy, weight lifting - you name it, our alignment system enables you to learn and refine your movements while tracking your progress.


You create the self you want to be. We’re simply the champions of self-made.

Click on the mat below to learn more about the mat's design. 

using your mat

First we strengthen, then we stretch. Through this we achieve balance.

Gordon Carpenter Warrior 1

Strength = Stability.

Training and toning your muscles helps keep your body moving with ease.



truFORMAT stretching

Flexibility = Mobility.

Pliable muscles improve range of motion in the joints, enhancing circulation and reducing injury risk.


Gordon Carpenter toe squat

Stability + Mobility = BALANCE

We naturally seek a state of balance whether it is in the body, mind or between the two. Strength and flexibility are fundamental to balance.


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