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Flexibility allows us to maintain a healthy range of motion in the hips, legs + arms. Use the scorpion mat reference points to align your body and safely stretch your muscles and connective tissue.



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truFORMAT low side lunge

LOW SIDE LUNGE (hips + legs)

  1. Choose a vertical line as a guideline for the extended leg 

  2. Explore + discover which scorpion legs or claws are your reference point for the opposite bent leg and foot

  3. (Optional) Arms bind behind the back

Gordon Carpenter shoulder stretch

Gordon Carpenter


  1. Resting on belly, midline of the body (spine) uses scorpion spine as guideline

  2. Bend arm at 90 degree angle with elbow shoulder height

  3. Roll body toward bent arm

  4. Use opposite hand to provide leverage, pressing shoulder blades together as shoulders move away from ears

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