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Virtual Class - Yoga (Small Group Instruction)

This 60-minute yoga class targets muscular and neuromuscular fitness for the novice and expert alike and is tailored to the participant's specific goals.  Small groups can range in size from of 2 to 6 students.


By making alignment visible and progress measurable, the Scorpion mat training enables participants to refine and develop:

  • Recognition of personal patterns of resistance, strength and flexibility

  • Reaction speed

  • Focus

  • Range of mobility in joints and muscles


Requires:  Computer or Smart Phone with ability to connect with audio/video.


Partipicant receives an email to schedule specific class time after purchasing.


Meet our Instructors (

Need a recommendation? Send us note (gina@truformat), we can work together to find the best instructor to meet your needs.

Virtual Class - Yoga (Small Group Instruction)

$215.00 Regular Price
$150.50Sale Price
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