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An exploration of performance with Zia — singer, actor, and trüFORMAT instructor

Same space [safe space]

There is a safety I have found

Stability on this stage

Standing tall,

rooting into my foundation

inviting softness

where I've only felt tension

Unearthing truths

and treasures unknown

We carry stories in our bodies

Some familiar and others untold

Yoga and performance take up the same space in my heart. They live in the same house and fire up the same feels. Whether I'm standing on stage, or standing on a yoga mat, I know that this is my foundation and something magical is about to happen.

I'm Zia (she/they). I'm a singer, actor, and yoga teacher. One door (performance) led me to the other (yoga) and now I'm in a joyous state of balance between the two. I first started practicing hot yoga as a means to lose weight so that I could have more opportunities being cast in production. Thankfully, instead I gained a consistent practice that allowed me to live fully and confidently inside the body I have and eventually into teaching that practice as well.

There is something that happens when I'm on stage performing, on my mat learning or instructing class. Whether scorpion spine or spike mark on set, I plant my feet and I know that I am right where I'm meant to be. I know that I'm going to feel something, learn something and the people in the arena with me have the opportunity to feel it too. It's a learning that there's a universe inside of us, and if we're lucky enough we get to delve deep and dig out the glory.

Find a safe space and move on it and breathe through it and bask in it.

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