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trüFORMAT™ started as a conversation. We still laugh about the day when we stopped in the middle of a crowded NYC sidewalk to debate the positioning of the back foot in Warrior I pose. How could we know if we were moving our bodies correctly and purposefully if we didn't know what this actually felt like?

We realized at that moment that having points of reference help us all make better decisions about what feels right.

From there we set out to tackle the frustration we faced in our daily wellness routines. We wanted results, but we were stuck and not making progress. Our goals were different, our mind-set was the same: self-made.

Self-made means to use the tools, knowledge and experiences available to create and be the self you want to be. There are great mat products on the market that address anti-slip, cushioning, color preferences, and environmental awareness. What was missing was a tool that was neutral across individuals and styles of exercise. We were seeking principles that acknowledged the shared traits of our physical bodies while respecting the asymmetry present in each of us.


trüFORMAT™ is the system that challenges the ambiguity surrounding what "feels right." It offers points of comparison in the form of visual markings to encourage deliberate development, to measure progress, and to adapt to our ever-changing selves.

You create the person you are.
trüFORMAT™ is simply the science of self-made.

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How do you challenge what feels right?

Start by asking HOW + WHY.

Step 1:  Seek out great teachers and materials to teach you about the HOW

Step 2:  Keep asking questions until those teachers and materials reveal the WHY

Step 3:  Use your knowledge + tools to refine, develop and innovate the HOW

Step 4:  Repeat

We take our own advice and haven't stopped asking what it means when something "feels right."  

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