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Movement Awareness Trainer Program
What is a M.A.T. ?

We believe in making things matter – time, effort, life. We’re on the lookout to partner with those who embrace this philosophy and share our passions for deliberate movement and brain health.


We invite leaders and enthusiastic members of their movement communities to join us as Movement Awareness Trainers. Whether that’s in sports, art, education, medicine, science, or elsewhere, M.A.T.s will:

  • Grow and develop the trüFORMAT community via content creation, education and awareness efforts

  • Collaborate with us on local events

  • Provide feedback and ideas on product innovation and design


  • Starter kit including one (1) trüFORMAT scorpion mat

  • Included in the first-to- be-notified group about new trüFORMAT products, services, and events

  • Guest speaker and panelist opportunities

  • Complimentary invitations to trüFORMAT events

  • Occasional product and service care packages

  • Additional incentives such as gear, entry fees, conferences, etc.​

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