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trüFORMAT // Class Procedures and Policies

(a/o May 2018)


For reference and acknowledgement by trüFORMAT full-time employees, part-time employees, and independent contractors (hereafter “STAFF”).



  • STAFF will demonstrate punctuality and arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class and complete class on time.

  • STAFF will immediately notify trüFORMAT of any conditions at the facility, supplies, or lack of personnel that hinder or prevent the satisfactory conduct of movement classes.

  • STAFF will ensure the premises are left in a clean, orderly, safe, and secure condition.

  • STAFF will instruct clients, cueing sequence to the trüFORMAT scorpion mat system and will:

    • Communicate clearly and succinctly to guide full effort and maximum engagement by the client, highlighting the scorpion mat as a tool for full brain and body workout

    • Educate clients on form and alignment, providing instruction and modifications for beginner through advanced participants

    • Be highly aware and observant of class participants’ state of mind, energy levels, attention, focus and safety

    • Effectively discuss, explain, compare/contrast different movement styles (yoga, Pilates, tai chi, etc.)

    • Be available to explain why each posture is included in the class sequence, including the benefits of each posture and its placement in the sequence

    • Attentively listen to clients, answers questions, and engages in conversation before and after classes

    • Assist with mat set-up and cleanup, as needed

    • Demonstrate excellent verbal and written communications skills, and integrity



  • STAFF must dress professionally appropriate for all client classes.

  • Regardless of gender, no halter-tops or clothing that results in a bare midriff or chest.

  • trüFORMAT tee-shirt or tank top with appropriate undergarments is preferred.




  • Exchanging business courtesies such as meals or promotional gifts and other items is an important aspect of building a strong business relationship. Permissible gifts are generally those that are unsolicited, come with no strings attached and are reasonable in value or frequency.

  • Individual items with a market value in excess of $75 should be disclosed to and approved by trüFORMAT.

  • trüFORMAT does not permit STAFF to solicit or accept tips, gifts or other items from the Client’s class participants.

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